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“YOU are your best investment”- Vanae

I am the Dating & Empowerment Coach (located in SF/Silicon Valley): empowering smart & logical clients such as programmers, executives, engineers, physicians and entrepreneurs with confidence in their dating and social life. Originally from Silicon Valley, I’ve worked with many smart people who want to gain more social confidence, dating smartness and personal development to live a meaningful love life as modern men and women. I love transforming the smart professional into the socially confident professional living a enriched life.

Reaching near 13 million views on my webshow, show,
Coaching hundreds of individuals all around the world,
37,000 v’stars all over the globe…
here I am..humbled, doing exactly what I was called to do.

My WHY: I help people because I believe in the exponential effect. If I can help you become the best you can be -you’ll infectiously impact, positively, those around you & help raise healthier generations. Helping you see your Choices.  Choices comes from Self-Awareness. The Choice to live a more fulfilling life, starts here.

My coaching specialties are:
– self love
– social confidence (social skills)
– online dating

My coaching check points:
1. Is it modern?
2. Created with compassion?
3. Done with integrity?

I am:

  • Spending my time between SF Silicon Valley and traveling the world, working with clients and doing awesome stuff.
  • Consultant for Dating companies on User Experience, Social Media, Video Marketing and Branding
  • M.S. in Psychology -Counseling, Marriage Family Therapy
  • B.A. in Communication, Psychology
  • Certified Integral Coach (ICF accredited from New Ventures West)
  • Peer sexual health educator (university level)
  • Non-profit founder (Rock Your Awareness)


A splash of hip. A splash of personal-ness. A splash of you. This blog is full of awesome. This is the journey for the V’star community.

Other facts about me, I:
1. LOVE sending/receiving postcards and letters. (Vanae P.O. Box 210352, San Francisco, CA 94121)
2. Superb at making lists
3. Write, film and produce my own videos
4. Believe HUGS can cure almost anything.
5. Mango is my favorite fruit
6. Love nerding out about video marketing, branding and social media

I get to connect with people from all over the world and empower them for transformation. It’s amazing! We’ll identify the root cause then create a plan to move you forward and up! You’ll be such a happier person.

For one-on-one coaching, dating profile make-overs, social media consulting or to ‘Say hello’ click CONTACT ME.


Get free dating tips

Receive "5 awesome tips to get confidence now"