About Vanae

“YOU are your best investment”- Vanae

I am the Dating & Empowerment Coach (located in SF/Silicon Valley): empowering smart & logical clients such as programmers, executives, engineers, physicians and entrepreneurs with confidence in their dating and social life. Originally from Silicon Valley, I’ve worked with many smart people who want to gain more social confidence, dating smartness and personal development to live a meaningful love life as modern men and women. I love transforming the smart professional into the socially confident professional living a enriched life.

Reaching near 13 million views on my webshow, Vanae.com show,
Coaching hundreds of individuals all around the world,
37,000 v’stars all over the globe…
here I am..humbled, doing exactly what I was called to do.

My WHY: I help people because I believe in the exponential effect. If I can help you become the best you can be -you’ll infectiously impact, positively, those around you & help raise healthier generations. Helping you see your Choices.  Choices comes from Self-Awareness. The Choice to live a more fulfilling life, starts here.

My coaching specialties are:
– self love
– social confidence (social skills)
– online dating

My coaching check points:
1. Is it modern?
2. Created with compassion?
3. Done with integrity?

I am:

  • Spending my time between SF Silicon Valley and traveling the world, working with clients and doing awesome stuff.
  • Consultant for Dating companies on User Experience, Social Media, Video Marketing and Branding
  • M.S. in Psychology -Counseling, Marriage Family Therapy
  • B.A. in Communication, Psychology
  • Certified Integral Coach (ICF accredited from New Ventures West)
  • Peer sexual health educator (university level)
  • Non-profit founder (Rock Your Awareness)


A splash of hip. A splash of personal-ness. A splash of you. This blog is full of awesome. This is the journey for the V’star community.

Other facts about me, I:
1. LOVE sending/receiving postcards and letters. (Vanae P.O. Box 210352, San Francisco, CA 94121)
2. Superb at making lists
3. Write, film and produce my own videos
4. Believe HUGS can cure almost anything.
5. Mango is my favorite fruit
6. Love nerding out about video marketing, branding and social media

I get to connect with people from all over the world and empower them for transformation. It’s amazing! We’ll identify the root cause then create a plan to move you forward and up! You’ll be such a happier person.

For one-on-one coaching, dating profile make-overs, social media consulting or to ‘Say hello’ click CONTACT ME.


158 Replies to “About Vanae”

  1. Hi Venae,
    I just stumbled across you somehow on youtube and ended up here! Your site and videos made me smile. I love your philosophy-mine is very similar.
    Have a great day!

  2. hi…,,,

    i’ve see your videos in youtube…,,,

    i think it’s realy great…,,,,so..,when i check out who made dat videos…,,,,i’ve ended here..,at your site..,,

    keep up your great work..,,


  3. OOuuuw..,yeah..,,,

    i.ve forget…,, may i have your MSN..,???

    so we can chat sometimes..,,

    coz..,,there a lot of thing dat i want to share n ask u..,,

  4. Hi Vanae,

    How are you? Hope you are doing great.

    I guess like others I just happened to come acrossed your videos in youtube. Click here and there, eventually I landed here in you official website. Pretty cool way of expressing your thoughts and ideas. I guess you won’t be hearing the last from me.

    Oh by the way, I am residing at the other corner of the world. Gee technology really can bring us nearer, look what the technology has done. Anyway, great to explore your site and like the dating tips. I am sure lots of guys are grateful to you. Cheers.


  5. Hey! Vanae,
    I watched your video, signs that she likes me or not. Well, I have a question. This is regarding a girl that I am dating. You know girls could be a heck of a confusion for the guy, and so is she. About 3 weeks ago, I met this girl, who seem to like a lot in the first conversation and I felt that she liked me too. We went out for a formal date about 10 days ago. I took her to a romantic french restaurant and took her out for desert. Well, all that evening she held my hand really tightly and I felt that things were happening a little fast. But, I accepted it thinking if this is for good, then I am OK. At the end of the night, when I dropped her off. Then came that ender moment and we kissed each other really like lovers. I saw the glare in her eyes and I knew she is in love with me. Any how, cutting the story short, I am confused after that terrific date, she has slowed down. SHe has an exam that she is taking this week, so I am not sure if that is on top of her mind all the time. But before this she would call me every night. All, I was not able to figure out, is this the exam factor or has she changed her mind. Give me your thought on this.

    1. hey buddy,
      Maybe her ex-boyfriend called her, or smth like that… Relax… Play it cool…
      Girls are always choosing… and hesitating…. let her make her decision ….

  6. Hey Vanae, this is weird…one of my good friends Vinod from Singapore (whom you apparently me at some aiesec thing more than a year back) tells me you’re living at the EPA mansion now. I’m from Singapore too and while i was there for a good year, EPA mansion was my home…and a lot of crazy things happened there…is Chris berry still there? anyways, watching your videos brought back alot of memories of the place…drop me a mail and let me know how its like…im wondering if all our photos i printed out are still stuck on the fridge.


  7. you have great advice, iwas feeling kinda down today, but i seen your vid on youtube now im feeling better now, ty. P.S. your very beautiful. i also have a myspace account to if you wanna contact me there. its myspace.com/berony65roninblade.

  8. Hey Vanae, What’s up baby! I came across your videos on the youtube website and it’s very useful for guys like me who are taking beginner lessons in love and relationships. Thank you very much.

    But, in the meantime I would also ask your views on premarital sex which is the topic to be addressed. It’s considered a taboo to go in for premarital sex in any part of world today. Thats it.

    Your show is great and keep up the good work.

  9. may i be your another admirer? always love to meet another beautiful creature… thanks for: the beautiful mind, beautiful faces/smiles, beautiful vision…

  10. Hey Vanae,

    Wow your terrific…
    Okay question I live in LA and I want to join in one of your groups,how can I do that?

    Thanks a bunch.
    More power.

  11. Hiya Vanea

    First I would like to say that I love you’re videos on you tube, I think that what you are trying to do is amazing. Thanks. I was also wandering if you could help me out a little.

    I live and work on England at an airport, and I am a baggage handler. I get to see lots of people, but only for short periods of time. I am also quite shy, but who isn’t. Now there is this girl that I like who I don’t get to see all of the time. She is quite a friendly girl, and someone told her that I was into her. She realised that I was. We do talk about stuff whe I see her, so we are cool together. She says she is also quite shy. Now, a friend of mine told me that she is on facebook. I found her and added her as my freind, she accepted, which was nice. I found out that she has taken 3 weeks off work, so the only way I can talk to her now is facebook.

    Is this a good idea? I hope you can help xxxxxxx


  12. hi Vanae. i just watch your video blog on a singles site & i would love to have you tell me the name of the track that is playing in the background. it is this the video titled “be a gentlemen”. i am a huge trance fan & love to spin trance, i have heard the track before & cant find it. please help me out. my email add is djcodered05@ yahoo.

  13. Vanae,
    Please, I can’t believe you never expected that some wacko would eventually find your videos and send you stuff like that.(dennis) I’m surprised you have not received worse.

    As far as the help videos for the guys, I applaud you. I was one of those inept young men at one point in my life, and some of my friends (which happened to be girls) helped me understand the female psyche. Because the guys were just totally clueless.

    Liberator of the Oppressed
    Casual Hero and World Traveler
    Wars fought, Revolutions Started
    Assassinations Plotted
    Governments Run / Overthrown
    Alligators Castrated
    Nymphomania Cured
    Perversions Taught
    Virgins Deflowered

  14. hey vanae, I’m Asim from the UK.

    I stumbled accross you on youtube a few days back, and ended up watching all ur videos. I would just like to show some appreciation for your efforts and say thank you for the advice in the videos. I think that your way of thinking is ace and Keep up the good work!!


    P.S ur new haircut is amazing, you look a lot more sophisticated in my humble opinion.

    P.S.S – i like ur name =)

  15. Hello,

    I just what to say that i love your videos, in this Sunday morning after a night’s of work, your videos are a nice surprise 🙂

    I think that your messages can help some people that are a confused and insecure about things like love… yes… the big problem… that is a wonderful thing 🙂

    Well if you have any time to talk send me an e-mail back 🙂


  16. hey Vanae, ur advices are damn great!!!!!
    i have some problem with my love in my life. I would like to share my story, n maybe u can help me giving opinion… It would be embarassing if i share in this open forum… would u mind sharing ur email? thanks a lot…

  17. Hey. I have a question for you. Do you think it is important to save all sexual interaction for marriage? What do you think the God of creation designed relationships to be like? Does our Creator God have a plan for relationships?

  18. Dear Vanae,

    You do charming and amazing! Real life saver, well done!
    Just want to know how can you do it?
    And how do you inspire yourself to inspire people?

    Fans of Yours

  19. HI Vanae, I accidentally found your video on youtube and I like your advice and style.. id be glad to get in touch with You 🙂

    My email is my msn too..and I am on facebook as well.
    Steve from hungary,europe.

  20. hey,you ‘re great…but most of your videos refer to new relationships..what about ex girls that we broke up recently and need them back?please contact me if you can help..

  21. you should read some details about my case…it ‘s complicated…but she ‘s with someone else now and i reeeeeeaaaaaaally need to do something…i ‘d love your advice on that…i ‘m waiting…

  22. Dont answer good things just to be nice to me please.i have a problem in my leg and makes me walk funny, this makes me very shy at the time of approaching any girl. i want a honest answer please. do girls mind if a guy has a physical problem when they look at guy like a potential partner ? what is the first idea that comes to the mind of a girl if she is approach by a man with a physical problem ? for dating not friendship.

  23. Hi,
    I wasn’t sure where to ask a question, but I have been following your posts on Youtube and you offer great advice!

    I have a girlfriend, been together for like 5 months, the thing is that now we are at long distance because she moved back to Japan and I’ll be following soon because its my intention to become a teacher there.

    Anyways, lately shes been really busy and we hardly talk,
    normally I am pretty cool about these things but its been like 2 weeks, and now lil things are getting to me, like shed normally say I love you everyday but it has been a week since>.<

    I know I am overreacting and the best I can do is give her some space because I know her pharmacy exams are more important but…

    Well, what do you suggest? I email her a little to let her know I am there but also not too much to not smother her.
    I just wait it out?


  24. Hey Vanae,
    i have seen your video in youtube & i think you did a good job. you gave some cool advice. still i am not confident dating australian girls. is is possible to chat with you sometime. i am living in sydney & i came here just an year ago, i was busy with studies & job. now i really need a gf & i like to have fun but i am looking for a serious relationship too. please help me
    sydney boy

  25. Hey i need some advice. There was this girl who I was hanging around with for a while. I kiss her on the check and we still were hanging around she would still text me and call me. But one day i was talking to her on the phone i was telling her all these stories that other girls were all over me but i told her nothing happen. Then she told me she had a boyfreind and i got really piss because I felt i was always honest with her and she made an ass out me. I told her i didnt want to be her freind and she keep insisting to still be my freind. Then i dont call her for about 2 months then she tells me that she missed me as a freind. So I decided to be just freinds. Things start to go back the way they were slowly but i never got over the fact she lie to me and i dont want to be her freind but she still wants to be my freind.

  26. hey,
    Nice videos and content, keep it up. i cant help it notice though (being a chiropractor) that you’re hair is constantly making you tilt you head to the right, tsk tsk. let me know when you start having neck pain and headaches, then perhaps we can exchange chiro adjustments for …i dont know, advice/opinions.

  27. Hey V,

    Just saw your roadtrip thingy and the video on how to keep a girl interested. Good stuff! The vibe I get is really positive…. and how much that is needed today.
    So thanks for that.


  28. hey vanae! Loving your site and the deep thoughts behind it. Your inspiring statements and tips always brighten up my day =D

  29. I think I have a good idea of how to keep a girls attention, the thing is, I don’t yet know how to attract their attention in the first place. I’m rather shy and can warm up to them after a little time, I just need some advice on how to get them to notice me without me trying to introduce myself and having them laugh at me and walking away…again…I’ve had only one girlfriend in the past, but something didn’t feel right in it, so we seperated…Please give me some advice. btw, nice youtube videos.

  30. Hi V. interesting that you are giving out advice and all, and seem to be a positive person. I am a guy, been dating girls for 20 years (OMG that is long) and here are my 4 key points for girls to guys (and really only the first point is key):

    1. Never mention another guy and sex in the same conversation. Note, of course you can mention other guys, eg my ex. . or there is a colleague. . ; and you can talk about sex, eg I like this sex. . , or why do people have that type of sex. .
    But simply never mention any other guy and sex in the same conversation, examples are: my ex used to like to do this. . , or there is this French guy at work and you know how French guys are (bad attempt at humour) etc. It amazing how many women don’t seem to know this basic rule. No guy would ever mention any other girl and sex in the same conversation. And what a guy will do if a female makes the above mistake is usually not react, but in his mind something has clicked and he will no longer take the relation seriously.

    2. Do not offer sex on the first date, fair enough guys should not pressure for it, but even if you can wait until the second it shows some basic self control,

    3. Many guys do not like doggy-style, they want to see the girl, if she wants from behind then it seems like she is not really into you but just wants sex which any guy could give,

    4. Not all guys are into oral sex- either receiving or giving- some guys think it is wrong/ gross, so if he declines an offer, or does not offer to perform, then leave it alone,

    Good luck

  31. you know my advice is go slow and get to know the person before you have sex. seriously there are some dishonest people in the world and well diseases and its a great way to find out if someone really likes you for you or just wants to get laid.

    also you should be a therapist/counselor. such positive energy.

  32. hey girl,
    you are doing very fantstic job
    well help me out i havent have sex yet but really wanna to do it
    i dont have girlfrnd
    suggest me what should i do

  33. hi vanae.^-^
    am from united kingdom..but am originally from hong kong/nepal.. well iam in a band here in uk ..we juss play gig in small hall and parties.. well i was wondering what do i need to do to get mah music or to live in us ..i always wanted to live in us since i was a kid as now am 19 year still living in uk with hope of going to us and make something in the music fields …
    plzzz can you help me with this …if you can give me some advice help then please mail me at mah email…thank you…you fan maniman

  34. hellloowwww its bout the date bid>>… i dont live in us can i still bid and may be may be if and when i come to us we could gooo on a date…..>>how does it sound

  35. Vanae,

    Just came across some of your stuff on you tube, which lead me to the your blog.. .. and I felt compelled to tell you that I really enjoy your sites and your brightness.. good one you ! best of luck.

    Great SMILE !! 🙂

    b a

  36. Thanks for the videos you uploaded on youtube. I get a lot of information there and it is helping me big time. Thanks and more power!

  37. im speechless.
    you are amazing. you videos help so much. oh so much.

    can you do a complete video of take me as i am?, please.

    have you ever thought about doing radio?
    you should.

    david from so cal.

  38. I can’t decide if I watch your videos to avoid doing required readings for my lectures, or to keep gazing at your beautiful smile.

  39. Hey vanae.. i just wanted to say thanks for putting a smile on my face after watchin a couple of ur videos on youtube… i been havin a rough time since this girl n i have broken up recently after 2 years. Its just nice to be reminded how a great smile can be so contageous =-) take care

  40. Wow, Vanae!
    That was so awesome of you to call on Valentine’s day. Really cool of you. You’re right though. I do tend to over-analyze things and silence isn’t necessarily (hope I spelled that right… LOL!) a bad thing. ^-^

    Thanks again,
    Stephen “Mr. Awkward Silence”

    PS – I know that you’re pretty wise so when I said friend I was really talking about me. Sorry for lying. I don’t like admitting that I have a question or problem. Especially sometimes when it comes to trying to figure out dating… I apologize.

  41. Hi i just added you as a freind on youtube. I loved! your videos got so addicted to watching them over and over so interesting and beleive every word. I looked at some other videos that guys made on the topic of how to get girlfriend and I just did not find it as conveincing as yours. Your a very intelligent woman thats making alot of people happy and more to come. I have been having serious trouble getting a girlfreind and I hope and think you just might be able to help me. I suppose I just need to find out what I’am doing thats wrong and stopping me from getting one. Hope to hear back from you.

  42. Wow… Just like I remembered you! You look amazing and it seems all is beyond well for you!

    And Battlestar Galatica?! Neato! Lol. Keep it up girl.

    Take care.

  43. you are amazing…. im speechless. (all the time)
    everytime i see my subscriptions list on youtube, and i see your video, its like a rainbow to me.

    do you actually read all these post..?
    just wondering


    1. yups, i read all the comments.
      thanks david, very sweet of you to say.
      and i’m glad you’re part of the V’star community!

  44. love the way u r. n ur positive thinking to words the world. and try to build a healthy environment. that all good i like that n ur so active as well keep it up

    mrs vanae
    and to all v stars

  45. Hi venae i just recently had stumbled upon you too on youtube and was surprised at all the talent you have, i believe u are soo much more than a helping hand and believe one day you will be very famous… im soo glad i got on the V train. thank you for giving me this oportunity. LOVE

  46. Hi there! I stumbled on to your youtube videos and I feel compelled to say God bless you and your family for all that you do and will do to help people in need. Your an amazing person, you inspire us all to be better people. Peace!

    1. hey andy, thank for your support and kind words! i really appreciate it.

      we’re all here to bond to make this place a bit lovelier.

  47. i am only new to you i found you on youtube and just seeing 3 or 4 of your videos i find you to be an absolute legend and terrific advice giver, and i am exceptionally pleased that a women has gone out on a limb to actually help males AND females alike, and the best thing about it is that you are speaking truths that i think 90% of the worlds population could relate to and work with, truelly i am in admiration of your life smarts
    keep up the good work
    Josh from Australia

    1. greetings to australia! i’ve been wanting to visit there for a while now!

      i appreciate you taking the time to share a kind comment. my passion is to help people and engage them positively.

      i love it and thanks for coming along for the ride.

  48. Hey
    I was on youtube in desperate need of dating advice, and I happen to see one of yur vids and ended up on your website. I just wanna stop by and say thanku for all that your doing when it comes to helping people build self-esteem and improve their social life. You are truly someone special! Keep up the good work!

    Talk to you later

  49. I’ve been traveling for work and away from Vanae.com for several weeks. I’ve met someone and it’s complicated (of course), but coming back and reading posts past and present, you make me feel better about the prospects. Thanks for being here.

  50. I watched a couple of your youtube videos; awesome stuff! I really wanted to know how a beautiful young girl like yourself got into something like this. It looks to me like you wouldn’t have any problems getting a boyfriend. Me on the other hand, can use all the help I can get. Im a musician. Im 21 and I live in Chicago, and of course Im single, but im keepin my eye out for the lucky lady. If and when I do find her. WHAT DO I DO??? ha ha

  51. hi vanae im idris from sudan,i guess im da only arab guys talkin 2 u,im 21 single studyin engineering telecommunications,i have problems i think ure da only 1 who can slove them n i cant say it here coz its kinda embarrasing so i need ure help plz,thnx i hope in da near future i can be 1 of da biggest v’star of ures,thnx

  52. Hi Vanae! I love your great advises but I hate snail mail. Any way I can contact you through e-mail?

  53. Just stumbled across a couple of your videos on the ‘tube by accident, solid stuff. You articulate very well and really connect with your audience. It’s phenomenal seeing fellow 20-somethings passionate about what they do. Keep it up!

    1. hey brandon,
      i’m glad you stumble upon me and this V’star community!

      thanks for the kind words and look forward to seeing you participate in this awesome community!


    1. HI tony, thanks for your video!

      it’s always nice to see a face and a personality with my V’stars. i’ve posted your vid to my blog to be included as questions submitted to ‘getting personal with Vanae’

      cool accent!

      and i’ll be answering your questions in the next episode.


  54. i’m impressed and inspired with ur vids on youtube. your words are theraputic… keep up the gud work. Godbless u.

    1. hey girlbert, i appreciate your kind words! glad to know that my efforts are paying off.

      welcome to the V’star community.

  55. Excuse me i want ask for help, i want to know how to keep relationship with girls, or maybe more into it, cause i really like this girl, and she got a lot of boys are going around her, so how can run up and easly got date with her. O My God pls help !

  56. You ever been kissed by your relatives (or parents) and they do that “sniff kiss” on you? It’s a sign of affection where the person basically goes up to your face, nose first, and just does a quick sniff-kiss…

    To take it to another level, have you ever dated a bf who sniff-kissed you? Ever sniff-kissed your bf? What do you think about it? Now THAT’S true Vietnamese right there. haha

    I dated a girl who did that, and at first it bothered me, but eventually I found it to be cute.

    1. mark,
      you have NO IDEA!

      I LOVE SNIFF KISSES!!! to me those are the best form of affection, along with kisses on the forehead.

      my mum was the one who taught be sniff kisses. and still today, she sniff kisses my cheek every time i see her!


      1. Can someone clarify a sniff kiss, me lika the sounda! 😛 is it like an eskimo kiss??? regardless very cute! peas out Big V

  57. hey im from finland i suriously thinking about moving in to CA i hate snow and the cold so it would be fun to know least 1 more person in there my m8 is living in san diego… any how i just like to say that u cant have too many friends 😉

  58. Im sure you get this all the time… but i do really LOVE YOU!… those other guys that don’t mean it like i do… so im just putting it out there… if you need a man that will LOVE YOU FOREVER, THAT WOULD BE ME… come visit San Diego when you get a chance… you have my email, use it whenever you feel like! have a wonderful life!!!

  59. Hi Vanae, it’s the first time that i look your site and I love it….or better still, I love you. Bye and ciao 🙂

  60. hey vanae, somehow i just find out about ur videos at youtube and ended up here, im from Costa Rica so whenever u wanna come just let me know 🙂

  61. your blog and videos are incredible. i would love to chat with you and learn from some of that magnificent coaching skills of yours. i think we’d get along quite well! <3

  62. HEY EVERYONE! I’m Jonathan from San Antonio Texas. I’d like to say my TESTIMONY. I don’t know if there was a specific testimony area or what. But i figured this page under Vanae would be nice to post this here. Since I’m giving my testimony for Vanae and everyone here. I’d like to say that Vanae is truely a wonderful person. A true leader and Awesome Inspire’er. um if that’s a word? lol

    Question #1. What was the before and after of talking to vanae? before i had a chat with vanae on the phone. I was still holding myself from moving forward. A good 6 years, a lot of feelings and emotions have drowned me. My experience after talking to Vanae was inspiring. At first i found myself for the first time and so long. I have had my father always tell me to step back and look at the picture. But i could never get into focus. The way Vanae spoke to me, was magical. She knows how to smooth transition her words to heal your soul in such a way. She has a gift of guidance. And i really, really enjoyed speaking with Vanae. She made me feel so comfortable as if i could speak to her like a best friend. I painted a Beautiful Canvas in my mind of all the wonderful things in my life, Thanks to Vanae. The next Day i was the happiest as can be and still contemplating on what i must do to perform the cleansing of my life. To remove the dark taint of which I’ve let spread, like the taint of prince of Persia. (360game) Later that day, the moment of truth and realization had come to my attention, i got worried, that maybe I’d find an easier way to ease the pain and maybe go a different route. But NO, I had to call Vanae again. She was so nice to talk to me a second time, let alone leave me a voice mail. She is Really wonderful. I had a small doubt, and i talked to her. Out of the time she spent, 2 hours with me the day before. Now an added 20 min or so. I am truly grateful for her time and i will not waste it in vain. She told me the only way to get rid of my darkness was to address the problem and really take care of it the hard way. My attention to my issue has made me agree to do as Vanae has advised.

    2# how has this advice helped me become better to the point of realization? Not only did she address this one particular issue, but it was the strongest issue and contagiously affecting everything else in my life. By fixing this one, she sought out to purify the taint in my Canvas. she noticed it would change my life forever in ever aspect. With her great knowledge she has advanced forward, guiding me, to resolute my problem. Now i have a chance to be a better me. Finding who we are is the center of every one of us. Now i can start.

    Thank you Vanae for all of your help, truly. If anyone needs help by advice, please do no hesitate to get a hold of the pretty Vanae. She’s Magical.

  63. Hey Vanae! I just watched a few of your very inspirational videos on Youtube and I’d just like to say that they’re all awesome! Even though the dating styles are WAY different here in the Philippines, you still get to make a lot of sense. Keep up the awesome work! 🙂

    1. hey dmc, you called me ‘young one’ so i’m guessing you’re older.

      i feel very fortunate to be able to help people like this! so thanks for your support! and keep on’ rocking’


  64. hi Vanae, hw r u?
    im NAif from saudi arabia, realy i like ur site and i like what u do.
    good luck and god bless u, bye (^^,)

    1. hey naif,
      hello to saudi arabia!

      so glad you stumbled upon my site and the V’star community!!

      thanks for the well wishes!

  65. hey i have seen a few vids on youtube and i would really like to get some advice from you so if possible could u email me backor whateva you gotta do i dont really get how this works and i could tell you my situation and hopefully you can help me out a bit…thanx

  66. hey vanae Iam 16 and your vids are really helpful and i really appreciate you taking the time out to help others. But when ever you can could you make a video about how to deal with stereotypes. Thanks


  67. Hey Vanae! You’re awesome. You’re real down to earth and fun and at the same time very informative. I enjoy your posts. I’m really into music, as well. I love the choonz you select for intro/backgrounds for your vidz. Could you tell me who the artists/DJs are that you love and use often?

    I have a question for you – an issue that has been troubling me lately; I guess you could say I’m confused. After asking out a number of girls (over time) I often get a response like: “I don’t feel comfortable going to dinner alone with you. If you wanna hang out come to [some group function].” Do you personally think this is just a way of hinting that she is not interested in dating me, or do you think that that is just some sort of boundary that she grew up with earlier in life? Now mind you, I have received this type of comment from several girls who didn’t know each other. Thanks V-girl…

    4Eva Tru,

    Rich – NJ

  68. I stumbled upon your video ‘How to make a girl fall in love with you’. From this I could see that you are wise and broad-minded. It is nice to see that you are using your talent to help people worldwide, by giving very good practical advice.
    It also gave me a good feeling because you appear to have a pure heart.I am 50+ and happy to see that there are people like you around.


    1. hey daniel,
      greetings to the UK. i truly appreciate your kind words and support.
      makes me happy.
      keep rocking it in the UK!

  69. Hey Vanae, i was wondering if you can help me out,cause i have come up with a theory a pact to make a good relationship. I was want you advice or opinion of what you think of the This Pact i Made in order to made up in order for guy/girls to have a great relationship.

  70. HELLO !!!! miss V !!!! Nice website..Dropping by to ask u a question.. What is your nationality? i mean, i am a Filipino(I’m proud of it) . Just wondering if you are a pinay(because you look like one) …
    thank you and hope you find time on giving my message a quick reply . thanks and god bless alright . chow …

  71. Hey there V! i was thinking have ya done a vid on tall girl short guy couples? Everyone tells me there’s such a set line and that i can’t go for girls taller than me. Thing is i’m pretty confident and often do. am i wastin my time?? mind they’re never more than an inch to two inches taller. Cheers 🙂

    1. hey tom,
      i’ve seen plenty of taller gfs and i don’t think it’s much of an issue.

      i truly believe that height doesn’t matter to the right person, but it starts with you. You gotta be ok and confident about your height, yourself. Cus you don’t have an issue with it, she won’t.


  72. accidently found your video on youtube while searching for how to build up your confidence.went through some of your videos.i am really impressed.keep it up.and really looking forward to hear you sing your full song.great voice you got.i hope i turn out to be one of your 2000 subscribers.bye.

    1. hey v’star meren,
      i’m glad you found us! looking forward to having you in the v’star community.

      happy holidays and wishing much excitement for 2010!

  73. Hey, I’m Martin, optimist and trying to see everything from positive perspective though life is often tough on me, though I’m just starting to step into life(I’m in high school), so I hope you don’t mind I take you a bit as my idol, where to reach with the optimism. Have fun!

    1. hey v’star martin,
      welcome welcome!

      i’m super flattered that you see me as your idol for optimism.

      embrace the beauty in life, my dear. it’s all around us, living each moment.

      reach up and forward.

  74. Hey! I just stumbled upon your youtube and it lead me here. I literally have known about you for like 10 minuutes but I’m already in love with you and what you do!! I look forward to improving myself and learning through your site and videos!!
    -Gerri 🙂

  75. thanks a lot for everything Vanae!!! im really getting inspire by you! your so positive and optimist. you are like my inspiration to keep it up and always be happy and look after myself… <3 U

  76. Hey Vanae,

    Really love your channel. I recently broke up with my GF after 6 years and it has been hard to deal with the situation. The hardest part is waking up in the morning and realizing that she isn’t there. I think the term is called “empty bed synderome” how do you deal with this part and these emotions?


    PS. Hello from UK

  77. Hello Vanae,

    I absolutely adore you. I think you’re amazing and you give great advice to people. Keep up the good work:)

  78. Hey Vanae,

    My name is David from the netherlands and ive seen ur vids on youtube.
    Ive dated tons of women also having experiments how woman react on certain ”moves”
    Im very intrested in psychology also..

    You are a peer sex educator @university level? hmm wut does that supose 2 mean?(sounds intresting to me :))

    I would like 2 have some mailchat wit you 2 transfer informationvision about dating and other things.. like how 2 create acttration during a date
    Whats ur vision about that? Cool website btw

    (my english isnt great, srry 4 dat)

    keep up the great work!!



    ps i was tryin to email you but i can so i do it this way:)

  79. Hei Vanae. Just wanted to say, its kinda refreshing to see some relationship/dating advice coming from a female perspective.
    stumbled across one of your vids on youtube while I was searching getting out of the friendzone.
    I dunno if you’ve heard of Carlos Xuma before, but both your methods and advice share similarities with each other.
    Personally I think its because the advices you both are sharing are coming from a genuinely good place, (lets face it, there are alot of PUA’s on youtube who try to do the same thing, but something about their methods or unhealthy views about women just rubs ya the wrong way.

    Anyway, i’m getting of the subject here. Just wanted to say, like your work, and keep up the good stuff!


  80. Vanae- Stumbled upon your videos by accident on Youtube. I’ll be honest, you looked hot in the thumb nail sketch so I had to check you out. To say the least you are very interesting. Quick question first, Tran if I’m not mistaken is French Indo China (Indo China royalty as the rumor goes) and Vanae is French so it makes logical sense your birth name is Vanae, but I would bet you created the name. Just a guess, your name fits you well which is rare.

    I watched one of your videos on sex on the first date, and I believe your response was more or less go for it. I would like to give you the perspective of an alpha male. I, as well as many of my alpha friends, are having a very difficult time staying interested in a our relationships even though the girls were pronominal catches. Sorry I’ll speak English now. Why was I getting tired of having sex with hot chicks after only a few months? My quest for the answer led me to the work of Dr. David Hawkins. Don’t know if you are familiar with Hawkins’ work but I would put him in with James, Jung and Freud. Bottom line is I had to transcend my ego and re-contextualize sex and restore it the “default settings” of my spirit. What? The guy must adore his girl and sex must be a continual gift not the self serving, egoistic, I will give you the sexual experience of your life, that the narcissistic ego craves. Ie Charlie Sheen. That’s a case study. Anyway, just a suggestion you’re an impressive girl and your videos are great, if you want the juicy truth email me back and I’ll give you my number.

    1. i love ur tips. i am 28 m single. i wanna marriage with beautiful girls but i have some money. i know without money i can marriage with beautiful girls. i am really upset without marriage. i am very nice person. why girls no accept my proposal. plz give me advise and help me.

  81. i love you…this is my email:kako.mysterio16@hotmail.com…..you can add me and we can have a good time together…see you babe

  82. hey Vanae,
    i happened to run across a few of your youtube videos earlier and got hooked on them right from the first one…i like how personal you are in your videos…even though its published to the masses, it feels as though you are giving each person individual attention =) please continue to do what you do…you certainly help people smile when they need it~ i will continue to watch them and use your tips in practice =)
    thanks for being there for me~,

  83. I was just watching a skyyjohn video and came across a video of yours. I watched a few and I really like them. You are funny and give great advice. I love what you are doing and I would like to contribute. I have suffered from depression, anxiety, lack of confidence and priority problems over the last 5 years and would like to share my experiences with others. I will be submitting a guest post when I have time.
    You’re awesome =)

  84. hi…i love this website..i haven’t thought to have a dating motivator before.but when i watched your video,i think i should have a dating motivator.thanks..

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