Body Insecurities

Last year, I was obsessing about hair loss and thin hair.
In high school, I worried about having hairy arms.
When I was 12, I wondered if I looked more like a man.
And every year, I wished I was 10 lbs lighter.
But 10 lbs ago, I wished I was 5 lbs less – I was at my ideal weight. I never stopped to appreciate myself at that time.

This brings me to the topic of Body Insecurities and as mentioned with my list above – With body insecurities, it comes and goes. It’s temporary.
So you know that hair loss thing? – I barely think of my hair anymore.

You know those muscles you have? Or those great eyelashes?
Think of that compliment that you hear most often. Believe it. Appreciate it.
and focus on the great attributes, characteristics you have.
Because insecurities are transient and they slip into the night. Gone.

From a recent meditation retreat I went to at Deerpark Monastery, it was a great reminder for me to slow down, focus on one thing at a time, appreciate, appreciate and breathing deeply through it all.


I have been reading David Deida’s The Way of The Superior Man


-Man Box- trapped in this man box that you can’t experience what it is to be a human being.
Tony Porter

-How do we shift, knowing that this discourse is strong? What do we do when we surrounded by the structures of this masculinity?

Why Hire A Coach and Therapist

something wrong with you?
do you have to have issues?

it’s not that you can’t solve it yourself.

Too close to the product, too close to the business.

new fresh eye.

Travel HoneyMoon

Sitting on a bench parallell to the riverbanks of Hoi An is when I first laid my eyes on him.
Me- doe-eyed 23 year old gal visiting her mother’s home village in Vietnam.
Him- long haired 31 year old french man, who discovered vietnam as one of his spiritual journeys.

He innocently walked down the road. Little did he know I was going to beckon him over and we would start, what I call, a Travel Honeymoon.

From the conversation I started, I

I’m sure you have experienced this on one of your travel trips.
The high of being in an exotic destination, heightened by new sensations and experience.
Meeting attractive people with sexy accents.
These are all the right ingredients to Travel Honeymoond.

Then your trip comes to an end and so does your fling.

Bitchy Women Make Bitter Men

Vanae’s open letter to women:

To my fellow women,
There’s a subset of men who have grown the anger and bitterness inside them. Wanting to get back at the women species for their years of mistreatment, rejection and embarrassment. Sometimes this is internalized as self-hatred, sometimes this forms into aggression towards women (either as thoughts, emotions or physically). This doesn’t give men the right to disrespect women. Nor does it give women the right to disable a man’s masculinity. I know this because for the past 6 years, I have worked with men who have internalized this as the self-loathing, self-doubting and constant permission-seeking to avoid more pain.

Women, I get it. As a fellow feline, you’ve been hurt, been played by pricks and assholes.

Plead: Women, next time you’re at a bar or lounge, unless a guy is being a fucking prick or douche, don’t be a bitch to a guy who finds you attractive.