Online Dating Package

from Vanae, Online Dating GURU

Maybe you’re a busy professional…
Maybe you’re back on the dating scene after a break…
Maybe you’re frustrated with the lack of results from online dating…

But you’re trying online dating to find your soulmate or next mate to date. Since you’re here, let this guru make you stand out superbly among the hundred thousands profiles out there. Would you trade in your countless unreplied messages for the right guidance? How much you invest to learn what your best qualities are and gain the skill of presenting yourself superbly without sounding conceited? Those are important skills worth investing the time, effort and money! With me, you’ll get closer to the right one for you and have fun with your transformed dating life!

How did I help thousands of people get MORE REAL DATES from online dating?? I get to know you personally, so your true strengths shine through your profile! Along with showing you the powerful tools to make you stand out, my combination is a winner! Here is what my Online Dating Make-Over Package ($500 USD) includes:

  • Assessment of your current profile
  • Call 1: Spending the time to personally get to know you and what makes you stand out, teach you how to market yourself and connect you to what you’re looking for.
  • Redesign your profile (photos & description) so that represents you in an exciting and genuine way!
  • Call 2: Final review of new profile & role-playing first messages so ensure you’re writing effective messages. Advice on navigating online dating.
  • A follow-up with me 30 days after the profile revamp to chat about how fun your dating life is after the make-over.

Wanna see a BEFORE and AFTER example of a real client?
Check out Chase!
BEFORE Vanae’s help:

AFTER Vanae’s help:
(notice his confidence and personality shine through his profile)


“Vanae’s online profile makeover service is definitely the real deal. After talking with her she helped me improve my profile, improve my dating strategies and helped my focus on what I really wanted out of my dating life. She listened to the problems that I’ve been having and offered good solutions. She helped my think about my problems from a different angle and give me a better perspective on things. Before talking with Vanae I had great difficulty opening myself up to others, but she made me realize that there were people out there who wanted to meet me just as much as I wanted to meet them. I was in a rut doing the same things over and over again and getting the same results. Every time I would get into a relationship it would end just as soon as it began because of how closed off I kept myself. Since I talked with Vanae I have dated a few women I’ve met online and I’ve met one very special lady in particular. Hopefully things continue to progress well and I now have the right perspective to look at what problems may come for me. Thanks Vanae!”- Matt (New York)

“She read my personality spot-on and helped me to articulate this online! Not once did I ever feel inferior because Vanae is so down to earth and I feel very comfortable working with her. When we first talked over the phone I just opened up to her and she delivered. In my case we just had to do some tweaking to my online profile in order to attract the type of females I want in my life. I found some of the questions on the dating web sites to be a little difficult to answer, well that is without coming off incorrectly. She helped me pick the right pictures while sending the right message out there too. The best thing is that she helped me to articulate my personality in an honest way. I gained an invaluable understanding of what women really want, just based off their reaction to my profile. I was able to go out on dates with greater confidence because I didn’t feel like I had to paint this grand picture; it was all in my profile. 100% myself :)” – Thanks Vanae! Mike (Boston)

“Vanae is absolutely amazing to work with. She is extremely personable and you can tell she genuinely wants to help you. I was new to online dating when I reached out to her and the coaching tips on my profile really helped bring out my personality and highlight my strongest attributes. She is simply kickass to work with!!” – Loc (Canada)

And within 48 hours, you will receive an email from me to schedule our first call to get your profile to star status!

6 Replies to “Online Dating Package”

  1. Before I met Vanae I was not very sure what to say in my profile or how to make it appealing. She was able to find things about myself that were interesting and I was able to put it in my own words. In this case, I was able to be myself on my profile. She also gave me tips on how to write good messages and helped me pick the most appealing pictures to showcase on my profile. Since she has helped me with my profile I have had countless people message and wink at me based on their impression of my profile alone. I did not have to even write them a message to get a conversation started. In conclusion, I strongly recommend her services as a way to boost your dating success and confidence in yourself.


  2. The online dating profile make over is well worth the money, as it is really an investment in yourself. Since it is really not possible to be objective on how others will perceive your profile pictures and writeup, its well worth the money to get some guidance from an expert.

    Vanae is very knowledgeable and helpful when it comes rewriting the profile, and giving feedback on photos. She helped me realize the things about me that would be interesting to women, and how to express my creative side and depth of character. I also found her very knowledge regarding how we can enrich our lives and actually enjoy dating….

    In closing this service will help anyone upgrade their profile, augment their approach, and improve their match potential. A good profile will get more responses, and assist clients in finding the type of mate they seek for long term happiness….something we all want.


    Houston Tx

  3. I just wanted to say thank you very much for your insight into the world of contemporary dating. After watching your video “Online Dating: Create an EYE CATCHING profile” I made some tweaks to my Plenty of Fish profile. lol-in-ottawa has never received so many messages from attractive ladies looking to chat!

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